PROBIOTIC = “living microorganisms, which, when administered in specific quantities, gives the host extra health”.
As in everyday life, in the body of every creature, either it is an animal, bird or human, there is a permanent battle between good and bad, respectively good bacteria (probiotics) and bad bacteria – destructive, invasive, killing.

This association that has been created throughout the existence and evolution of species, between probiotic bacteria and warm-blooded organisms has been conditioned by the need for both sides to coexist with each other, the bacteria, needing the favorable temperature (heat) to grow and the host that benefits from aid in the process of digestion, in the processing of nutritious substances.

This symbiosis works until changes occur at the host that influence the bacterial population in the intestine. Stress, dietary changes, antibiotic therapy alter the population of beneficial bacteria, these changes reduce the host’s ability to digest food and to self-protect from diseases of the intestine.

The racing pigeons even in the best shelters, with the best care, are subject to various stressors – contests, exhibitions, cold, moisture, currents, mating, reproduction, bacterial and viral diseases, etc.

This means an imbalance in the gut flora, lowering the good bacteria to the detriment of the invasive, disease-producing bacteria (Salmonelle, E.coli, Candida etc). Organisms that are normally found in the gut of a healthy non-stressed animal are called PROBIOTICS (bios = life). Antibiotics used to treat various conditions destroy all colonies in the intestine, both bad and beneficial for digestion.

How do probiotics work?
Very simply, they produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substances that keep pathogens under control, limiting their multiplication due to the acidic environment produced. The pH of a healthy gut is slightly acidic. In E. coli infection it becomes alkaline. Everything that acidifies the gut will create a hostile environment for E.coli, Candida, Trichomonas and they will not survive. The old practice of putting apple cider vinegar into the water is based on the same effect, vinegar being acetic acid. The lactic acid produced by probiotic bacteria induces exactly the same effect.

By treating the birds with probiotics we populate the gut with beneficial bacteria, which by their activity restore health.

It stimulates the appetite. Probiotics seem to restore the appetite of sick birds. Experiments were performed on parrot babies who were given probiotics every 2 days – the result: 14% heavier at weaning than the untreated control group.

It stimulates immunity. Due to the increasing incidence of viral diseases such as ADENO, CIRCO, HERPES, diseases that are not treated with antibiotics, they destroy the natural killer cells, the bursa of fabricius, the thymus, the pancreas, the liver – leaving the body of young pigeons especially without defense. The use of probiotics ensures the effective upholstery of the intestines with a biofilm that slows the spread of viruses with intestinal tropism to invade the whole body and cause the disease.

Fight diarrhea. In most cases, probiotics are used for diarrhea prophylaxis. Antibiotics kill, in addition to the bacteria that cause the disease, the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. A decrease in beneficial bacteria can lead to diarrhea. The administration of probiotic supplements (in the form of capsules, powder or liquid) can help replace the lost beneficial bacteria and thus prevent diarrhea.

When we use probiotics?

1. After antibiotic treatment
2. Pre-stressor – eg exhibition, competition
3. Decreased appetite
4. The appearance of diarrhea faeces
5. Fighting viral diseases – ADENO-COLI

Probiotics are considered safe because the bacteria they contain are a normal part of the digestive tract.

Probiotics in turn need food, and they feed on PRE – biotics! That is why it is absolutely essential that a complete product should contain both pre and biotics. One such product, unique by the combination used, is Biotics. The effects of Biotics administration are evident immediately after use, and long-term administration gives an additional guarantee on the intestinal health of the pigeons.

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