Have you wondered how it would be if a single product would increase the energy level and at the same time help and protect the liver? How it would be that through a scientifically safe formula our pigeons can make greater efforts and even fly faster? TOP FORM can do that. It is the wonder supplement that really helps pigeons.

His composition includes:


This is an amino acid recently discovered about which scientists have made the following statements:

  • Improves muscle mass. Studies suggest that betaine’s benefits to health may include the ability to improve muscle mass.

    Betaine supplementation has shown to reduce fat and increase muscle mass in both animal and human studies.

    A study in 2013 found that betaine supplementation was able to improve body composition and muscle strength.

  • Helps burn fat. Studies have shown that betaine supplementation can result in faster fat burning abilities without loss of muscle mass.
    Helps hepatic function and detoxification. Studies have shown that betaine helps detoxify the liver by breaking down and removing fat from the liver. Betaine also helps prevent damage to the digestive tract caused by toxins and chemicals.

  • Helps digestion. Amino acid can help increase stomach acid, which plays an important role in food decomposition and absorption of nutrients.

  • Helps relieve pain. Researchers have found that betaine supplementation has contributed to lowering the level of lactic acid associated with muscle fatigue. Studies suggest that betaine may be useful in promoting the relaxation of muscle cramps


A very simple and understandable answer: carnitine is a supplement that transforms fat cells into energy. A  more technical answer: it is responsible for the transport of fatty acids from the cytosol (the place where most chemical reactions occur in the body) in the mitochondria (also known as cell energy deposits) during the breakdown of fat cells for the reproduction of metabolic energy.


Choline is a water-soluble vitamin that interferes with the degradation of fatty acids, certain amino acids and glucose. It is a vitamin that is not destroyed by heat or humidity, but light, alkalinity and oxygen affect it. Prevents cholesterol deposits on arterial walls and helps eliminate toxic substances and unnecessary metabolites accumulated in the body, facilitates liver function (helping to eliminate toxins in the body) and gall bladder – facilitates the proper use of fat and cholesterol by the body.


Sorbitol is a sugar-alcohol hexahydrate derived from glucose by hydrogenation. Parenteral administration is oxidized in the liver by sorbitol-dehydrogenase, turning into fructose (levulosis). Sorbitol, an energy substrate easy to use by the body, also has anticancer and hepatoprotective action, its administration being possible even with important liver lesions. The caloric intake of  Sorbitol is up to 4.1 kcal/ 1 g. Sorbitol is well tolerated by the kidneys.


Panthenol (also called pantothenol) is the alcoholic analog of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and is therefore B5 provitamin.


Magnesium cation is found in intracellular fluids, being second in prevalence. It is an essential co-factor for many enzymes, especially phosphotransferases, and plays a vital role in the reversible association of intracellular particles and in the binding of macromolecules to subcellular organisms (eg ribosomes and mRNAs). Magnesium plays an important role in neurochemical transmission and muscle excitability, and also in the central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

The above descriptions have been taken from their presentations in other sources precisely to present different views. They clearly show the effects of each substance. In addition, combining them in the TOP FORM makes their effects stronger thanks to the optimal use of the dosages required for pigeons. The pigeons who once used this product for their pigeons are extremely satisfied.

Pasla Daniel is one of those who have tested TOP FOM ever since his appearance and still uses a lot. Those curious can find out directly from him if the product deserves the fame described above. Its administration ranges from 1 ml/ liter up to a maximum of 5 ml/ liter in the cases when we want to “turn the engines” to the maximum, but it is good to leave this for the end of the season.


Maybe you do not know but the pigeons do not have sweat glands to sweat and cool on the hot summer days. Pigeons “cool down” through breathing on the beak, and that means consuming a lot of energy. Taking TOP FROM during hot summer days 1-2 ml/ liter helps a lot in preserving energy and “cooling down” our favorites.

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