“I am very pleased with the quality of products!”

DOBRE COSMIN – 1st Place Severodonetsk 1056 km –6000 pigeons.

My name is Dobre Cosmin, I`m 29 years old and I`m member in UCPR, CSC Sirna club, Prahovacounty, Romania.

At the marathon race Severodonetsk 1056 km, I managed to win the 1st place, on the launch, out of about 6000 pigeons, being the only pigeon who entered on the first day, at 21.49 hours.

I use CEST PHARMA products and I am very pleased with their quality and how they support the pigeons!
This is the first year that I use Cest Pharmaproducts and in principle I respect the program for long distance and marathon, with small exceptions: before marathon competition, I give the pigeons a day and a half, in addition, to the program, TOP FORM and ENERGY.

An immediate effect, that I noticed, would be the very quick recovery after competitions. For recovery I use ELECTROLIT, TOP FORM and ENERGY, but I am very pleased with the way these products “load” the pigeons before the competition!!!

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