“You just see the difference!”

,,You can see the difference in your pigeons!”

Alin MihuțiHunedoara county, Romania
1st Place – 320 km – 846 pigeons, 2019
1st Place (county) – 856 km – 421 pigeons, 2019

My name is Mihuți Alin, I live in Hunedoara county, town of Mintia and I`m 25 years old.

My best result was the 3rd National Youth Marathon 2015, with the female 136026-14, but I had many other great results at races and categories, including 1st Provincial Youth Marathon 2018.

The Cest Pharma products are absolutely amazing and this is why I use them. You just see the difference in the pigeons!

I administer Topform 4 ml/ liter of drinking water, 3 days before basketing day and I combine it with Energy in the water, on the basketing day.

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Your pigeons are victorious

Your pigeons are important to us! Every step we make it’s focused on your pigeon’s health, their results so that we reward your investment into them and to make them Champions.

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