I started loving pigeons from the age of 8, helping my dad in the loft. I quickly realized that this is the path I want to follow.
I play in the most competitive provincial area of Portugal, and my results are significantly better than my biggest opponents, because my pigeons fly more than 30km or
40km, every week.
In the last few years I have won many short, medium and long distance titles, provincial and national, individual champion or ace pigeon. I have also had many races with such good results that at this moment they are my business card. An example in this regard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 … (25/30) against 5,176 pigeons (provincial race).
I also have an Olympic participation with a national champion pigeon.
We have created a family of winning pigeons that are recognized throughout Portugal. In my opinion, my pigeons have everything they need to win anywhere. Today I am very proud of the results obtained by my pigeons in other lofts, they have won many provincial and national titles.

At this moment I have already won everything that can be earned on a provincial level:

General Champion
General Ace Pigeon
Speed Champion
Ace Speed Pigeon
Middle Distance Champion
Ace Middle Distance Pigeon
Long Distance Champion
Ace Long Distance Pigeon
Ace Yearling

Cest Pharma
About Cest Pharma I can say that they have an avant-garde product line, developed from the latest studies in the field, focused on the time of competitions and also on finding solutions to the problems that destroy today’s pigeon.
An example is the young bird disease, a problem at a global scale. Oxilite Plus, Ropa B (in
different presentations), Fly Power, Protein Plus, Detox, Biotics and Sedo Plus offer a perfect gut flora and a fortified immune system, ready to respond to problems that have reappeared.

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Your pigeons are victorious

Your pigeons are important to us! Every step we make it’s focused on your pigeon’s health, their results so that we reward your investment into them and to make them Champions.

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