The 2020 season brought Olimpiu Ilea other important results. At the end of the competitional season, the pigeon fancier from Alba will be able to take the 2nd place in Fond Young county, 1st place in As Maraton Young county, 1st place in Marathon Young county, 1st place in Marathon Grand Prix Young and 1st place in Berlin National county.

Olimpiu Iliea: “At the National exhibition in Brașov I bought, together with a friend, several CEST Pharma products”

One of the “secrets” of such a productive season was the supplements and treatments produced by CEST Pharma. Throughout the season, Olimpiu Ilea’s pigeons were treated, prepared and recovered only with the products related to the CEST Pharma brand, a more than winning choice. “At the national exhibition in Brasov, I bought, together with a friend, several CEST Pharma products. I bought and used Sedo Plus, Electrolit and Protein Plus during the season, and as treatments I used Ri Special, Respiratory Plus, Tricoplus and, last but not least, I used Balance supplements. In addition to the small amount I had to pay for these products, their effectiveness was maximum. I do not use too many treatments, but when it was needed and I intervened with treatment, the results were seen immediately. For example, this year we had a small problem with trichomoniasis in my breeding loft. I used Tricoplus, and after five days of treatment, my pigeons were healthy again”, Olimpiu Ilea explained.

Olimpiu Ilea: “I would not give up Protein Plus, Electrolit and Sedo Plus

Without reservations, of all the products he has used so far, Olimpiu Ilea declares himself most satisfied with those produced by CEST Pharma. For a successful competition season, pigeon fancier Olimpiu Ilea considers the Protein Plus, Sedo Plus and Electrolit supplements indispensable. “I was very satisfied with everything I used at CEST Pharma, but if I had to choose, I would not give up Protein Plus, Sedo Plus and Electrolit, but neither the treatments for respiratory problems and trichomoniasis. We could see that the pigeons tolerate these supplements and treatments very well and respond very well after administration. In the future I will use all these products. I even had a discussion with several colleagues from the association, to whom I recommended these supplements and they will also use them starting with the next season “, said the same breeder.

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