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Interview with Mihuți Alin

“You just see the difference!” ,,You can see the difference in your pigeons!” Alin Mihuți – Hunedoara county, Romania 1st Place – 320 km – 846 pigeons, 2019 1st Place (county) – 856 km – 421 pigeons, 2019 My name is Mihuți Alin, I live in Hunedoara county, town of...

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Interview with Cosmin Dobre

“I am very pleased with the quality of products!” DOBRE COSMIN – 1st Place Severodonetsk 1056 km –6000 pigeons. My name is Dobre Cosmin, I`m 29 years old and I`m member in UCPR, CSC Sirna club, Prahovacounty, Romania. At the marathon race Severodonetsk 1056 km, I...

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  PROBIOTICS - NATURAL HEALTH PROBIOTIC = "living microorganisms, which, when administered in specific quantities, gives the host extra health". As in everyday life, in the body of every creature, either it is an animal, bird or human, there is a permanent battle...

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Your pigeons are important to us! Every step we make it’s focused on your pigeon’s health, their results so that we reward your investment into them and to make them Champions.

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