Multiple national champions, Daniel Pîslă, succeeds another sensational year in 2018. When you manage to win a royal title it means that you reached places that only Gods can reach.

Why? It`s very simple, royal titles: „Carol I Trophy” for Pigeon of the year, „Ferdinand I trophy” for Fancier of the year and „Mihai I Trophy” for Mastery in pigeon sport, are crowned with success and quality, confirmed by the Royal House of Romania, but most of all they are unique, only one per year, respectively one in a lifetime if we refer to „Mihai I Trophy” for Mastery in pigeon sport.

This is why his presence at the Champion`s Gala, presented by Andreea Marin, as the winner of „Ferdinand I Trophy” for fancier of the year, is a sensational achievement.

If we look back, we can see that Pîslă Daniel and his wife, are a constant presence on National podium, in the past 10 – 12 years. This is a constancy to envy.

Being present at the Olympiad, is another great accomplishment and the dream of every fancier.

And Pîslă  family has two participations!!! Which is not a easy thing to do.

The year 2018 bring a title that outshines through value and notoriety all the rest: „Ferdinand I Trophy” for Fancier of the Year 2018!!!

This title means: cumulative points  for the main 4 categories: speed, demi-fond, fond și long distance, la echipe! In order to compete for this title one mist be an exceptional player from 100 to 1000 kilometers, just as Daniel has at Berlin National race.

Pîslă family`s pigeons are extremely valuable. This can be proven with the results of other fanciers. Culda Mircea from Salaj county  went straight to national podium with the pigeons he bought from Daniel Pîslă.

Looking closer at his results from the last two years we can see a constant growth and a strong domination in competitions. When asked if only the quality of the pigeons and the fanciers are „quilty” for these results, Daniel simply responds: ,,The pigeons and the fancier are important but also the programme, the medication used and the supplements are equally important. Two years ago I started using Cest Pharma supplements and I was deeply impresed by the quality of the products. At the begining I was skeptic, but after a few races I realised that their contribution was decisive in winning the first places.”

Daniel is among those who dare to try something new. And his courage is rewarded.  

Although the Cest Pharma brand is relatively new on the romanian market, it became appreciated due to good standards of the products. The supplements and medicines of this brand are defined by high quality and for sure the fancirs that use them will continue to be pleased.  

Until then, our congratulations to Champion Daniel Pîslă!!! His results will continue to impress us.

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