Proteins are aboslut necessary substances for metabolism and their importance for pigeons is widely demonstrated. But pigeons need a complex of specially combined ingredients not only protein but also carbohydrates, hepatic protector, pro and prebiotics, muscular support, and to prevent dehydration. Protein Plus is the only combination that offers these substances in a mixture designed by pigeon specialists, and combines nutraceuticals that intelligently support physical effort during training and racing. And not just for competitions, where Protein Plus is absolutely necessary, but also for breeding and raising youngsters, especially during the moulting period.


By significantly reducing body exhaustion due to energy and nutrient loss during intensive physical exercise, thus ensuring rapid recovery.


What are the mechanisms?

Carbohydrates in the composition have immediate absorption, which means fast energy production and preservation of their own reserves, because:

  • during exercise, the body exhausts its glycogen deposit by transforming it into glucose (usable form)
  • it intervenes in the carbohydrate metabolism by increasing the permeability of the cell, thereby increasing its potential to absorb the sugar in the blood

Provides hepatic protection, the liver being the site of the formation and catabolism of glycogen (glucose reserve of the body). Ingredients included in the formula, which the body can not synthesize:

  • has a role in detoxifying the body
  • interfere with the metabolism of fats
  • improves the use of nitrogen, which stimulates the synthesis of body protein

Optimal content of probiotics favoring the development of beneficial intestinal microflora with a direct role in the synthesis and absorption of primordial nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, etc.). Thereby:

  • the vital elements for maintaining sports activities come into the blood circulation.
  • the hematopoietic process is stimulated, as well as the immune system

Reduces the negative effects of dehydration and also reduces energy demand by osmoregulation because it contains osmolithic nutritional principles which:

  • Protect cells from dehydration by maintaining balance of water and ions, which is a consuming energy process. Thus, energy metabolism is more efficient

Maintains the musculo-articular function through the essential constructive components of the articular cartilage structure, bones, ligaments and tendons, with effect in:

  • combating the inflammatory effects arising from sports activities
  • repairing the tissues that have suffered injuries during the physical exercise

Protects the body from bacterial and viral infections, the immunomodulators present stimulates the body’s defense system.

In conclusion, this balanced preparation will work for:

  • Improvement of protein synthesis
  • Reduction of musculo-articular lesions
  • Increase physical performance
  • Rapid recovery after intensive efforts
  • Strong stimulation of immunity

It is recommended to use:

  • during reproduction and moulting: 2-3 times a week
  • youngsters: it will be administered daily
  • during the preparation for races and before basketing: 4 administrations before basketing day
  • on the return from the race: 2-3 times a week.

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