Pre & Pro Biotics


Contains pre and probiotic bacteria necessary for the intestinal flora, resistent to various tipes of antibiotics, and creates an anaerobic environment that favors the multiplication of beneficial bacteria and thus reducing the reproduction of infectious germs. The immune system is boosted which leads to optimal absorption of essential nutrients necessary for perfect health and top performances. This product contains hepatoprotective constituents, maintains articular functionality and reduces inflammatory reactions after a flight. Due to carbohydrates intake, it provides extra energy.


Calsporin® (Bacillus subtilis C-3102), maltodextrin, dextrose, MSM


5 g (1 measure) / 1 kg grains.


Store in a dry place at temperatures not exceeding 25° C. Keep in original packaging, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Do not use after expiring date. Keep out of reach of children.

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